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The company, V CARBON, is set up for finding strategies and solutions to conserve the ultimate Green resources on Earth- forests and green lands.
Our primary focus is the preservation of the current Green landscape in Papua New Guinea and to find strategies to enhance and merge the Green resources into the world with an ESG-focused objective.
Our company strive to cater for the culture of Papua New Guinea business development and, to maintain a close partnership relationship with the landlords and locals.

Our Mission

The mission of V carbon consists of 3 phases:

(1) to abide the Paris Agreement 's long-term objective of global temperature rise to 1.5 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels in order to reduce the effects of extreme climate change affecting the Earth

(2) adopt strategies and find solutions to reduce GHG emissions

(3) to preserve and conserve the bio-diversity and natural resources of the Earth, in particular, rain forests

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Meet Our Team

Executive Team - Hong Kong

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Manly Liu

Chief Executive Officer

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Kiri Luk

Financial Advisor

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Hauman Yeung

Environment & Sustainability Advisor

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Tony Chiu

Social & Governance Advisor

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Tracey Wei

Investor Relations Officer

Team Image

Andrew Wright

Media Relations Officer

Executive Team - PNG

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Eugene Chau

Managing Director, PNG Operations

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Anthony Chan

Manager, PNG Operations

Team Image

Lolita Meauri

Accounting, PNG Operations

Team Image

Vele Lohia

Community Relations

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John Sibi

Government Liasion