Keep the "status quo" of the Earth with minimal footprints of human beings' technological advancement affecting the long-term sustainability and environment outlook of the Earth.

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Our Mission

Conserve the ultimate Green resources in Papua New Guinea

Address Climate Change

Reduce the effects of extreme climate change on earth

Emission Reduction

Adopt strategies and find solutions to reduce GHG emissions

Natural Perservation

Preserve bio-diversity and natural resources of the Earth

What do we do?

Our primary focus is the preservation of the current Green landscape in Papua New Guinea and to find strategies to enhance and merge the Green resources into the world with an ESG-focused objective.

Our company aim to cater for the culture of Papua New Guinea business development and, to maintain a close partnership relationship with the landlords and locals.

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Papua New Guinea

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Smart-Forest Management

Forest protection is a branch of forestry which is concerned with the preservation or improvement of a forest and prevention and control of damage to forest by natural or man made causes like forest fires, plant pests, and adverse climatic conditions (global warming). In order to safeguard the forests effectively and in a ESG-manner , we need to devise a comprehensive game plan for protecting and enhancing such huge forests coverage in Papua New Guinea. We call it smart-forest management.

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Tech-Driven Forest Managment

Smart Forest Monitoring

Weather Reporting

Fire Proof

Cancun Safeguards

V CARBON adheres to a set of six safeguards that are expected to be applied in accordance with national context and circumstances when undertaking REDD+ activities

Actions consistent national and international law

Transparent and effective national forest governance

Respect for Knowledge and rights of Indigenous Peoples

Particpation of Relevant Stakeholder

Biodiversity Conservation

Address Risk of Reversals & Reducing the displacement of emissions

Our Executive Team

Manly Liu

Manly Liu

Chief Executive Officer aaaaaaaa

Eugene Chau

Eugene Chau

Managing Director, PNG Operations

Anthony Chan

Anthony Chan

Manager, PNG Operations aaaaaaaa